Belfast Trad Festival 2022

Belfast Trad Festival 2022

The first annual Belfast Trad Festival took place in 2017, I rebranded the 2019 festival which had been extended with many programmes added to it, such as feature classes, workshops, concerts and sessions. The week-long event was the only one of its kind in Northern Ireland and brought together both the Irish and the Ulster-Scots musical traditions in a shared celebration of culture & heritage.   

The 2019 festival was a tremendous success, and continues to thrive in these somewhat difficult times.

  • CLIENT: Belfast Trad Festival
  • PROJECTS ASSETS: Branding, Logo & Development, Programme Design, Social Media Campaign, Advertising and Promotional assets.

Belfast Trad Fest 2019 | Branding & Logo

Advertising Assets

 Belfast Trad Festival 2022  | Concert Posters Design

 Belfast Trad Festival 2022  |  Programme Design

 Belfast Trad Festival 2022  |  Flyer Design

 Belfast Trad Festival 2022  | Outdoor Advertising

Motion Graphics - Masterclass Animation

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