Belfast Trad Fest

Belfast Trad Festival 2019 & 2020

The first annual Belfast Trad Festival took place in 2017. The brief was a compete re-brand for the 2019 festival, which had been extended with many programmes added to it. This included feature classes, workshops, concerts and sessions. The week-long event was the only one of its kind in Northern Ireland and bought together both the Irish and the Ulster-Scots musical traditions in a shared celebration of culture & heritage.   

Magenta was used as the primary colour for the branding, accompanied with yellow and ocean green, to give a spirited, fresh and all-inclusive feel. There were two layout versions of logo, the secondary pictorial logo (with clouds) was used for stand-alone use. Trad on the Square was additional branding, under the umbrella of the Belfast Trad Fest. The branding included the animated promotional video, print collateral, media boards and social media marketing assets.

The 2019 festival was a tremendous success, all of the concerts sold out, 90% of the afternoon events reached capacity and music masterclass participants rose 74.4% from 2018. 

  • CLIENT: Belfast Trad Festival
  • DATE COMPLETED: July 15 2019
  • PROJECTS ASSETS: Branding, Logo & Development, Programme Design, Social Media Campaign, Advertising and Promotional assets.

Belfast Trad Fest 2019 | Branding & Logo

Belfast Trad Fest 2019 | Outdoor Advertising Assets

Belfast Trad Fest 2019 | Social Media


Belfast Trad Fest 2020 | Updated Branding

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