Big Picture Learning: Started 25 years ago,  Big Picture Learning is an educational movement to transform schooling and increase equity ‘one-student-at-a-time’. Big Picture Learning’s work involves developing and inspiring schools all over the United States and in a dozen countries around the world, innovating new programs beyond our schools and then influencing policy through practice in the public school systems in which we are located.


Upstream Collaborative: Upstream Collaborative is an initiative of Big Picture Learning. It is a network of 40 alternative education schools in California and Washington. Its aim is to redesign schools for equity, to transform the learning experiences of students, and to work with school leaders and staffs in implementing new programs and practices to create a school culture based on the centrality of rigor, relevance and relationships. 


‘BPL:UpStep’ Application and User Interface Design: This app was designed for protecting and sharing student portfolios of work – something that students and their teachers could curate and develop, and then, when the student (or parent) decides, share with further educational institutions or employers. The app enables students to upload videos of their work and presentations as well as link to references. 


  • CLIENTS: Big Picture Learning, Upstream Collaborative and Project Insight
  • CATEGORIES: Illustration, infographics, design and layout, user interface design, graphic design, typesetting.

BPL:UpStep App

Showing the Way

Making Connections

Braiding the Strands

Project Insight


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