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 Brief: To design a new suite of assets for different channels to promote the opening of the new Nucleus building in Autumn/Winter 2022. 

Aim: To advise that the Nucleus is opening and to advise on the facilities available within the new building. 

Key Messages: 

  • Exciting new building opening soon 
  • The hub for students and staff 
  • The University and the Students’ Association working together to provide the ultimate student

Information about King’s Buildings 

  • The King’s Buildings (KB) is the main campus of the College of Science and Engineering. 
  • It is located approximately two miles from the Central Area. 
  • In 2021 the campus is celebrating 101 years with a series of events.
  • CLIENT: The University of Edinburgh

  • DATE COMPLETED: September 2021

  • KEY INFORMATION: The Nucleus will be located at the heart of the King's Buildings campus and will become a hub for students and staff, consolidating functions functions and dainties into one area. The Nucleus Will house a range of Learning and Teaching facilities, Student Services, a Students' Association run shop and a variety of catering outlets and Student Heat and Eat facilities.

  • PROJECTS ASSETS: Advertising and promotional assets, social media campaign and web assets.

Outdoor Advertising

Digital & Print Advertising

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